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In case you want your accommodation with privacy, memorable details and perfected design in the best location of the city, you have found the right place.

Housed in a functionalist building dating back to 1933, right in the centre of Rovaniemi, Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel features 14 rooms, each with its own backstory. The décor of the rooms is inspired by the changing seasons, nature and natural phenomena of Lapland.

Haawe features 12 rooms and two suites, each with a distinct atmosphere. Would you prefer being surrounded by wood, dark colours and a warm atmosphere, or do you rather enjoy light-coloured surfaces and simple minimalism? Or do you require accommodation with luxurious facilities and privacy?

Our story told by photographs

September 1933

"Lapin pääkaupunki" – Näkymä Rovaniemen Maantiekadulle 1935

September 1933

The new Rovaniemi co-operative shop opens its doors

Lapin Kansa newspaper 28 September 1933:
“Our representative had the opportunity to explore the shelters of the new house yesterday, guided by the managing director of the business, and as a result of this exploration, we may conclude that the Osuuskauppa co-operative organisation has now obtained the most modern and stylish business premises in the township.” … “you would look in vain for such a sensual, practical and clean apartment from other communities, even the ones that are larger than our township.”

October 1944

Näkymä Valtakadulta Lapin sodan tuhojen jälkeen. 1944

October 1944

The devastation of Rovaniemi.

The façade of the co-operative shop remained intact.

Summer 1957

Summer 1957

Reconstruction nearing its end. Townsfolk enjoying the summer weather while shopping.

December 1962

ROK -tavaratalon (ent. Osuuskauppa) ja Leijona pukimon jouluvalaistusta. 1962

December 1962

The SOK department store with new Christmas lights! Rovaniemi grew steadily throughout the 1960s.

December 2018

December 2018

Boutique Apart Hotel Haawe was completed and opened its doors to guests.

All historical photos are from the photo collections of the Provincial Museum of Lapland.

Design inspired by nature

Iittalan klassinen Ultima Thule -designastiasto

Our rooms offer design and delightful details for our guests, like the marble surfaces and glass shelves of the brand-new shop once did in their time. The fabrics and tableware in the rooms are Finnish classics that are inspired by nature, like the entire concept of our hotel.

Our services

Haawe is an apart hotel, meaning our rooms are well-equipped and unique studio apartments. We are at your service in the hotel each day. A delicious self-service breakfast is included in the room rate, and we offer free customer parking for our guests, among other things.

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Rovaniemi around Haawe

In case you have yet not figured out what to do in Rovaniemi after your arrival, take a look at our tips! They help you find landscapes that have inspired the rooms in Haawe and discover the stories from the past and present of the city.

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