Room stories

The story of every single room represents a dreamlike moment, caught from a world that has inspired its own theme. Every story carries an inexplicable power: a feeling, a figure without a shape, guiding the story’s traveller towards the unknown. This power mirrors the dreams of our traveller. Dreams, which will turn into reality.

Hanki – the snowdrift

The bright rays of morning sunlight embrace an untouched blanket of snow. Sparkling and shimmering, the snowdrift’s surface holds the light of life within. The frailest snow, unwilling to stay still on its frozen surface. I try to see afar, but the light is too bright. I can only make out a distant figure. Who or what could it be? It keeps calling me. I want to reply, but my words are drowned out by the wind. I take a step forward. The surface of the snow gives in, creating a beautiful sound. A sound, which conforms to my smallest movements. I hear the distant figure reply. We speak to each other by moving. I continue to approach it. Unafraid. And I know it does not fear me.

Ruska – the colours of autumn

The woods let out a quiet sigh, with the wind guiding the fresh forest scents. Nature is balancing between a state of sleep and being awake. Ready to slumber, yet brisk with life. I look down. My feet are covered with leaves. I see movement on the ground. Tenderly, something approaches me. I close my eyes and see a sky filled with unlimited colours. Yellow. Red. Bright. Dark. Alive like fire. Patinated like rust. I unfold my hands. The cascading leaves touch my fingers gently on their way down. That something wants me to stay just a little longer.

Laavu – the lean-to

My feet begin to tire, but I do not want to rest. Not just yet. I can feel my destination near. The whispers in the wind steer me onto the right path. They soothe me and lift my feet. Step by step, they take me there. To the lean-to. A shelter for travellers, like me. I lie down under the warmth of the lean-to and close my eyes. There is time until the morning to dream.

Köngäs – the waterfall

I stay quiet for a moment in order to hear. There is a soft rumble in the far distance. I move towards it. The sound becomes louder with every step. It is intoxicating, mesmerising. Determined. Eternal. Relentless. It is Köngäs, the waterfall. It has a story that must be told. A story carried by the river’s flow to its listeners. Its words are closed within every tiny droplet, waiting to be set free by its master. I am here. Listening to the waterfall’s beautiful tale. A tale of dreams. My dreams.

Rakka – the tor

The forest has silenced. Suddenly, I feel the presence of greater power. This is where the forces of nature waged their mighty battles. For the balance of life. With peace came Rakka, the tor. A field of stones. Eternal friendship with rough edges. Drawn by nature itself. Here is where I find tranquility. The power of dreams.

Gaissa – the mountain snow

Wake up.

A cold, brisk wind lingers on my face. Refreshed by its breeze, I finally open my eyes. It wants me to witness. It has brought me to a place where time stands still. An eternal cover of snow under my feet is the sign of it. Underneath, at the bottom of the fell, life moves at its own steady rhythm, slowly breathing to nature’s drum. Here, at the summit, I am at complete peace. Isolated yet entirely present. Here, everything is clear. The direction where I want to go. The direction of my dreams.

Kelo – the dead tree

Then, I stumbled upon a dead tree. Ravaged by life. Shaped by time. Tried by nature. It had done its job. Eternal and unwavering. An ancient tree, carved by a thousand tales. I placed my hand on its surface. On my fingertips, I felt what Kelo, the dead tree, wanted to say. Relax. Your dreams will come to be, only if you wait for them. Only for a little longer.

Kaltio – the fountain

I stopped here for a moment, by the water. As requested by the fountain sprite. I observed my reflection from the water’s surface and witnessed a weary traveller. A face that was yearning for life. I placed my hands in the water and gently washed my face. With water, seeped from a holy place. The fountain of life. I felt its power with every drop. How the thirst of my dreams was quenched. How something, somehow, knew what I was missing. Drop by drop, my dreams became alive. I grew stronger. Refreshed. I could see everything clearer. I yearned for more.

Usva – the fog

I felt no fear as a soft fog descended around me. Soon, I forgot all haste. The fog made me pause. Gave me peace. Helped me focus. With it, I found what I was looking for. Not from afar, but nearby. My dreams had always been in front of me. In the details. In simple things, in small moments. My dreams were now by my reach. I no longer wanted to let go of them.

Revontuli – the northern lights

As nature had started to fall asleep, something kept me awake. Had me waiting. Waiting for the darkness to sweep away every colour, with the sky covering itself under a dark canvas. Waiting for all to be set. To witness the dance of a thousand firefoxes, who paint the sky with their own splendour of colours. Waiting to see everything in a new light. To catch a glimpse of my dreams. Waiting.

Jää – the ice

Suddenly, I stand in the middle of a frozen lake. I look around, but cannot see the shore. My sense of direction is lost, but right now, that does not matter. For I know that this is not forever. I know that the ice will carry my dreams and me through this journey. I take a step. The ice holds.

Tunturipuro – the mountain brook

I had seen this before. In a dream. A place that was not supposed to even exist. A brief glimmer of something better. Yet, I did not stumble here by chance. No. I was brought here by my dream. This is what I had been searching. Yearning for. Dreaming of. A moment to bathe in the cool of the mountain brook. To feel its eternal power. To let the dreams flow through me. To journey. To arrive.

Kota – the goahti

And in the middle, there was a goahti. Built with a purpose. For me. As if someone had always known my destination. It invited me in. Into a world filled with warmth and hope. A world, where I can breathe and dream. A world that is real.

Have courage to journey onward.

Dare to live.


Make room for your dreams.

Wake up.

This is where your dreams turn into reality.