Breakfast served on the table, view from top


Breakfast that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime

We at Haawe believe that a good day follows a good breakfast. That is why we have put a great deal of effort into our do-it-yourself breakfast that is included in the room rate. The breakfast supplies are available in the room, so you can prepare your breakfast anytime you want, and even enjoy it in the afternoon while in bed. We are happy to tailor the breakfast for customers having special diets or food allergies. Please inform us of your breakfast requirements when booking your room or at least two days before your arrival.

Flavours from Lapland’s nature

Our breakfast has, naturally, been inspired by the nature of Lapland. The basic supplies include porridge, bread, salami, cheese, butter, juice, fruit, tea and coffee. In our salami, you can taste the meat of reindeer that have grazed freely in the forests and on the fells, and the juice has been cold-pressed from wild blueberries that have grown in the forests of the North. The nutrients in blueberries have been scientifically proven to contribute to cardiovascular and eye health and to prevent low-grade inflammatory conditions that are the cause of many serious illnesses. Thanks to being rich in fibre, the blueberry also promotes digestion. By gently cold-pressing the blueberries, their beneficial nutrients and delicious taste are preserved.

Close-up of a tailored breakfast, including a blueberry bar and marshmallows, among other things