Your dreams.
  Into Reality.

HAAWE is a design hotel inspired by the nature of magical Lapland with fourteen themed rooms each having their own story to tell you. Start your journey in cozy Kota room, clear your mind in white and shiny Hanki room and end your trip in Revontuli suite where the light installations make you feel like you are in the middle of northern lights. Walk through unique stories and stop to hear every single one of them. Do you have the courage to experiment the whole story? The one you already heard in your dream.


Like lying in a soft snowdrift. It feels like powder around you. A tempting ice hole next to you calling your name. Do you dare to try it? Let’s find out. In Hanki room there’s a bathtub next to your bed. Take a quick dip or enjoy it for hours. It’s your choice.


If an autumn foliage could be captured, it would live in Ruska room. Those precious colours stay in the walls of this room forever. Enjoy your shower in the middle of the room where wood and rock elements make you feel calm.


Lay down in the bed and let the inclinated roof lean-to you. Enjoy the fire element in your room and let those dreams come to you. Don’t worry about the fire, you’re the master.


This fresh Köngäs room is hiding a secret. Do you have the courage to step into a waterfall? Reveal the secret of this unique bathroom that is dominated by water. It’s like nowhere else.


When there’s too much going on in your life, it’s time to let go. Materia, noises, colours - just let them go. Stay in the middle of a rocky field, in the middle of nowhere. This plain Rakka room helps you to focus on what’s important.


Some things never change and that makes us feel safe. Like a mountain with a snow heap on top of it or a blue moment that is over too soon, but always comes back. The atmosphere of Gaissa room consists of contrasts. You are going to fall in love this theme.


Forget the modesty. Stay in our Kelo suite. Enjoy every 60 square meters of it and get to know your own spa with a bathtub and the traditional sauna of Lapland. Focus on the floor you feel under your feet. It will carry you wherever you’re going.


Like in life there’s levels and contrasts in Kaltio room too. This is for you, if your mind never rests and your senses are sharp. Like a bubbling spring your mind also creates new thoughts. Come and find your inspiration.


After a long, dark night the gentle morning light comes and makes everything better. That moment is captured in Usva room. This harmonic room holds a mysterious misty mood in it.


In Revontuli suite you can enjoy the northern lights of Lapland. Take a deep breathe. Relax in your own spa. Let the dark night give you a hug. Beautiful light installations will guide you no matter where you are going.


Tabula rasa. The Jää room is shiny, light and white. It leaves space to whatever is important to you - ideas, thoughts and people. Geometric shapes make you feel calm and help you to focus more.


Do you know the moment just before mother nature shows all her colours and finally bloom? We captured that in Tunturipuro room for you. Feel the inspiration bubbling inside you. This is the atmosphere you couldn’t even imagine before you came here to experiment it yourself.


A cozy goathi is all you need. Nothing unnecessary around you. Fall in love with dark tones of room Kota and enjoy the exciting fire element.


Your dreams. Into reality.
Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel

Valtakatu 22
96200 Rovaniemi, Finland
+358 40 093 3689
hello (@) haawe.fi